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New Patented product • Unlimited reuse • Economical: $49.95 MSRP • Very durable • Compact: 11'' x 3.5'' x 1.5'' • No electronics • Venom refills are less than $1.00 per discharge • 12 gram CO2 powered • Fast easy set-up 1 min.+/- (no digging) • Large coverage area 400 to 600 sq/ft • Field strippable • Easy tool free tear down & cleaning • Water washable • Ultra sensitive trigger • Dual safeties • Fully adjustable spray pattern • Perimeter warning device • Loud discharge

Download detailed instructions on the Master Mine and it's workings.

Operation Procedure.pdf Arming Mine.pdf
Mine Parts.pdf

$50.00 MSRP Phone orders only.

Military / Law Enforcement

In the changing dynamics of crime and terror, responsibilities are being placed on military, law enforcement, and emergency personnel that have in the past been handled by special operation units. With the information and resources available to modern day criminals, first responders, now more than ever face the probability of dealing with unconventional threats in their working environment. Training for these new threats could mean the difference between life and death!

The MASTER MINE is a compact, reusable mine, powered by a standard 12-gram CO2 cartridge. It sprays 6 ounces of liquid paint or water, and covers an area up to 600 square feet! The mine can be set up in a horizontal or vertical position and has an ultra sensitive trigger mechanism, allowing the use of a light trip cord that can be activated up to 25 feet from the mine or remotely detonated by the user. Combine these features with its startling sound blast and the reality of a mined or booby-trapped environment takes on a whole new perspective.

The MASTER MINE is an invaluable tool in the special training of military, law enforcement, and emergency personnel in many fields including Anti-Terrorism, IED, WMD, mine awareness and booby trap awareness training. Bomb threats are real! Action-plans are vital! Recognition and detection training could become the difference in your unit’s survival!

Master Mine Trouble Shooting

Master Mine Specs


Length/font> 11.50" / 288mm
Width/font> 3.50" / 88mm
Height 1.50" / 38mm
Activation Method Trip Cord
Intended Placement On-Surfice, Vertical or Horizontal
Material Purpose Specific Nylon & Polypropylene
Color Molded OD Green
Reservoir Capacity 6oz/ 180ml
Power Source Replaceable 12g Co2 Cartridge
Safty Dual; Cross Block & Trigger Safty
Trip Activation Pressuere 1-6oz Adjustible Trigger
Killzone W/ Liquid Fill 400-600 sq/ft directional blast
Arming Control Dual Mussle, 4-Way Adjustable
Liquid Fill Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Colorant
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