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Master Mine Troubleshooting
Problem Cause Solution
1. Trip cord breaks.

Trigger left in safety notch.

Wrong trip cord.

Move trigger lever onto sears sliding surface.

Use the cord that came with your mine or a low stretch substitute. Berkley Fire Line fishing line or equivalent works well. (Not monofilament)

2. Weak or no discharge.

Liquid leaking into the hammer chamber. (Check valve frozen open from recent discharge or damaged)Safety left onNo co2 cartridge in chamber.

Frozen; Thaw and re-close valve by warming it in water and pinching the slit closed Damaged; Replace check valve.

Move safety to the off position.

Put new co2 cartridge in chamber.

3. Misaligned hammer bumper. Did not seat properly when hammer assembly was inserted thus causing drag. Lubricate the hammer tube mouth only and replace the hammer assembly. The lube will cause the bumper to seat properly and should now move freely.

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