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Developed by Major Paintball for Military Mine-Warfare Training

The M-80TR is a sub-surface pressure-release land mine developed for military wargame training activities where real world simulation is a must. The M-80TR is now being sold by Major Paintball to the Paintball and Airsoft markets in order to meet the growing demand for BSD's (Battlefield Simulation Device). The M-80TR uses patent pending technology that makes it inexpensive to operate while giving the realistic effect of an explosion & smoke. Tha'ts right. With the optional Burst Tube attachment, the mines actually go bang! A VERY LOUD BANG!

The power source is a standard 12 gram Co2 cartridge and the marking agent is a highly visible fuorescent paint or smoke simulation powder for the maximum effect. The best part is that the mine is totally reusable. Simply refill, replace the 12 gram & Burst Tube and it is ready to go again. The M-80TR is not PVC. It is injection molded to very high specifications using a purpose specific poly-carbonate material, the same stuff used in making bullet-proof glass. For players and field owners alike, these mines will generate a level of excitement not seen since the introduction of the Semi-Auto Paintball marker. This mine is a non-pyrotechnic, field legal product that complies with standard regulations regarding such devices. Reservoir capacity is 12 ounces. Each mine comes with a standard non-exploding Flail Tube attachment.

Don't forget your 12 gram Co2 cartridges, Burst Tubes, Venom Paint and/or Smoke Simulation Powder.


Diameter 4.25" / 106mm
Height/font> 4.15" / 104mm
Pressure Plate Diameter 2.75" / 67mm
Activation Method Pressure Release
Safty Dual Purpose Safe/Pierce (Top Mounted)
Material Purpose Specific Poly-Carbonate
Color Molded NATO "Dark Earth"
Resoervoir Capacity 12oz/ 11KG
Killzone W/Liquid Fill + Flail Tube/font> 15ft/ 4.5M Radius(Non-Refillable)
Report Device Replaceable Explosive Simulator Tube
Liquid Fill Non-Toxic Colorant
Smoke Simulation Fill Non-Toxic Power



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