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Not getting enough bang for your buck with the current paint grenades out there. Try Major Paintballs newest kid on the block, the G-4 paint grenade. At just under Five dollars per grenade, you will be able to douse your opponent head to toe with the best performing paint grenade on the market and still have money left for paintballs.

(1) $4.95 MSRP

Phone orders only.

(6) $24.00 MSRP


(24) $84.00 MSRP

The current paint grenades on the market lack performance for a couple of reasons. First, they don’t discharge reliably. There is a good chance that the grenade you just threw will be thrown back at you because it didn’t go off. Secondly, when they do go off, they are prone to propel themselves in any direction, even away from the intended target. In other words, you could land a perfect throw and still not mark your opponent.

The new G-4 has the latest in paint grenade technology. They incorporate a patent pending design called SPSA (Self Propelled Spinning Action). When the G-4 impacts the ground after being thrown, the force of the expelling paint combined with the G-4’s curved shape produces a violent spinning action, slinging the paint in a circular motion from the center area of impact. This spinning motion keeps the grenade airborne and located in the same area of impact during its discharge, producing a very concentrated, uniform coverage. You won’t just get lucky and hit your target with a couple of drops of paint. The G-4 will spin and spray your adversary with each rotation. Additionally, the G-4 fill has a new high-intensity marking additive for maximum visibility and a fruity scent to make your opponent smell nice! The new G-4 paint fill is non-toxic, biodegradable, and easily washable. Other changes include a larger black reservoir, double reinforced end seal, a new compression retainer ring for easier operation and a specialized, high-tolerance neck plug to eliminate any time-release effect and improve reliability in rough conditions. (30 foot marking zone)

You won’t get a better paint grenade at any price, so save your money, and go with the best. G-4’s are available in Blue, Pink, Green, and White.
Maximize your paintball experience with the new Wet Willie G-4’s from Major Paintball.

G-4 Grenade Specs

G4 series paintball grenade

Length 5.50" / 138mm
Diameter 2.00" / 50mm
Activation Method Impact Discharge
Method of use Hand Thrown
Color Black
Reservoir Capacity 5oz./150ml (Non-Refillable)
Spray Pattern Self Propellef Circular Spray
Kill zone w/liquid fill 12ft Radius /24ft Diameter
Safety Neck Plug Restraining Device
Liquid Fill Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Colorant

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